A rough guide to the Latin pronunciation of basic prayers

Sign of the Cross:

in no-mee-nay pah-tris et fee-lee-ee et spir-ee-toos sonk-tee

Our Father:

Pah-ter nos-ter quee es in chay-lees sonk-tee-fee-chay-toor no-men too-um ad-vay-nee-aht ray-nyoon too-um fee-aht vo-loon-tas too-ah see-coot in chay-lo et in ter-ra
pah-nem nos-troom quo-tee-dee-ah-noom dah no-bees ho-dee-ay et dee-meet-tay no-bis de-bee-tah nos-trah see-coot et nos di-meet-tee-moos de-bee-tor-ee-boos nos-tris et ne nos in-doo-cas in ten-ta-tsee-o-nem sed lee-ber-a nos ah mah-lo

Hail Mary:

ah-vay mah-ree-a grah-tsee-a play-na do-mee-noos tay-coom ben-eh-deec-ta too in moo-lee-er-ee-boos et ben-eh-deec-toos frooc-toos ven-tris too-ee yay-zoos
sonk-ta mah-ree-a mah-ter day-ee o-ra pro no-bees peck-ah-tor-ee-boos noonk et in hor-ah mor-tees nos-tray

Glory Be:

Glor-ee-ah pah-tree et fee-lee-oh et spir-ee-too-ee sonk-toh see-coot air-aht in prin-chip-ee-oh et noonk et sem-per et in say-coo-lah say-coo-lo-room

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