Paintings and Drawings

by Rick Kephart

These are scans of photographs of some of my paintings and drawings.
These were scanned in Black-and-White, then colored in on the computer later.

Fairyland Castle

This was an enormous oil painting I did in February, 1982. (That was while "The Magic of Oil Painting" was on TV -- that was the method I used to paint it.)


This is an old pen-and-ink drawing I did of my house.

Asking Directions

This is an oil painting I did as a wedding present for my sister Diane and her husband for their wedding day, April 25, 1987.

Flying Around

This picture is different. I drew it on a very large piece of paper (about 4 or 5 feet high) in 1992. I then took it to some kids I was working with, and let them color it all in, and then I hung it up. I have tried to reproduce their colors as closely as I could when I colored in the black-and-white scan on the computer.
The kids who colored it in were from the same group that made the story "Pirate Jack's Cave" with me.

Brown Dog

This is a little oil painting I did in July 1983 (just before I left for Rome). There was a TV show on about painting animals, and that's how I learned to do this. It's not any real dog.


This was a pen-and-ink drawing I did (with a steel pen) in November of 1979. I drew it by making tiny, individual dots with the pen. It's based on a picture of a girl in some book. Somehow she got the name "Nelly" (not a real person).

Other pictures I've done:

Pictures I drew while I was in Nebraska.
A picture of my Guardian Angel oil painting (August 1980) is on the page of Catholic files (with the Latin prayers).
Commodore-digitized and -drawn pictures (1980's) from the Commodore section.
PC-drawn pictures I've done on my Packard Bell computer.
My story of Sisla the Elf Dog has some computer-drawn illustrations.
Animated movies in AVI format.

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