Italy and Elsewhere

Back around 1984 I spent a year in a seminary in Italy. This is a record of some of my experiences there.

I can't give as complete a record of a year as I could of a month and a half in England, but these are some highlights.

I lived at the Czech College while I was in Rome. This is a short description of what life was like there. There are also some audio files here!

I attended classes at the Angelicum (the University of St. Thomas). That was the best thing about being in Rome, having the privelege to study there for a year.

Outside of the college, was Italy and Vatican City. It wasn't always fun living in Italy, but there were some good times there. These are a few highlights.

I made two big trips while I was there. During Christmas and Easter vacations, we can go wherever we want. I took trips to Germany and France.

They were solo trips; I wanted to find somebody to go with me, especially when I went to France because I had never studied French (I had German in high school, for all the good that did me), but nobody wanted to come, so I went on my own.

I hope you enjoy this. If you do, mail is always welcome!

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