Pictures from the Commodore

Rick Kephart

These are some drawings I've done either on the Commodore-64 or 128 or digitized into a Commodore computer and modified. (all GIFs)

Fairy Eolas And His Harp is a picture I did freehand on a Commodore-64 with the Commodore program DOODLE.

Flying Home is a drawing I did on paper of a boy and girl flying on the back of a bird, and then I digitized it into the computer.

Dragon is another picture I drew on paper first.

Erin is a picture of a little homeschooled girl I used to tutor in reading about 5 or 6 years ago (she's a lot older now). It was done on paper and then digitized.

Unicorn is a little picture I digitized in, but it wasn't done on paper originally. I drew it on a blackboard at a school where I was working.

Fractland is not a drawing. It is a simple fractal landscape I produced on my Commodore-128 with a fractal programs for the Commodore). One of these days I'll probably put some more in this little scene.

Comp is an old drawing of my first, C-64 computer.

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