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I have a pretty big one of these science toys, whatever-they're called, from Edmund Scientific. I wanted to try and make a miniature version of it. It was harder to do than I expected. I couldn't make it exactly 1:12 scale like everything else because I had to design it around the size of the beads I had for the balls. Here's what I came up with:

science toy
science toy movie
This is a movie I made showing how the balls can swing in it!

This is a cube puzzle that I made from wood. There are a couple of them I've made.
cube puzzle 1
cube puzzle 1 apart
cube puzzle 1 movie
This is a movie of me assembling the cube puzzle.

cube puzzle 1 dollhouse
This is the boy in the dollhouse doing the cube puzzle

cube puzzle 2
cube puzzle 2 apart

cube puzzle 2 dollhouse
This is the boy in the dollhouse doing the cube puzzle

I made some little frames out of wood (which was easier after I got a miter saw) and put them around holy cards, to make framed religious pictures like this

St. Therese
Holy Family

which could be hung up in a dollhouse like this

an upper room in the same old dollhouse

To help scale measurements, I wrote my own simple little program in Visual Basic to scale measurements rounded off to the nearest 1/16" (the smallest divisions on my ruler), and centimeters rounded to the nearest tenths.


You can download my (freeware) Windows program here if you think it might be helpful: Dollscale.exeexe


You can reach me at e-mail

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