My old Commodore System:

I used a Commodore-128D computer, an external 1571, a 1084 monitor, a Bocamodem (14,400) with Swiftlink, a Canon BJ-200e bubblejet printer and a Gemini 10-X dot-matrix printer.

Commodore Places

Here is a list of Commodore Resources available on the Internet (started in July 1995), arranged by country.

Here you can find a selection of ink pads to use if you prefer. I used a Canon and Gemini printer for the following programs, as it was much faster. You may want to read more tutorials before using. < -->


I have written some Commodore-related files. Some of them have been published in User Group newsletters.

Guitar Teacher is a C-64 program I wrote which teaches how to play the guitar. It is in uuencoded format. The instructions and a disassembly of the machine language portion of the program are available here separately.
For those running a C64 Emulator, here is a .d64 Disk Image of the program!

Here is a quick and easy way to combine two BASIC programs into one, without any lines being replaced.

This shows a method I found for picking random numbers, without repeating until you've gone all the way through all the possible choices. It is only 1 line long on the 128 (2 lines on the 64)!

Here is an explanation for a program that will transfer a Hires image from the normal 40-column screen to an 80-column screen, with a C-128 with 16K video memory (in black-and-white), or with 64K video memory (in color).

Here is an explanation for making the computer print out all the prime numbers between 1 and 10,000.

Here is an explanation for using the computer to assist you in solving cryptogram puzzles.

Here you can learn how to transfer string variables back and forth between BASIC and Machine Language on the C-64.

And here is a program I wrote for the CP/M mode of the C-128, called CPM Squares, which shows how programs are written in CP/M machine language.

This explains a program I wrote just for the C-64. It lets you shuffle a deck of cards in memory for a card game.

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