My Florida Vacation: Summer 2005

Welcome to my vacation in Florida in August of 2005!

I went down to stay at my sister Suzy's home in Hudson, Florida.

I have put up a set of movies from my trip on the Internet Archive, and you can see them at:

hudsonbeach This is Hudson Beach, the closest beach to where my sister lives. We went here with her and my niece Kim and her son Bo and Bo's cousin Micah in the evening after getting to Florida.

Micah This is a movie of Micah doing his Light-Sabre twirl. (This isn't on the Internet Archive; I'm hosting this on my own site. It's a broadband RealMedia file.)

hotwheels This is at my sister's house, where Bo and Micah were playing with Hot Wheels (with some of my old tracks from when I was little). There there's a double birthday party, for me and my sister's friend Vickie (my birthday was a couple weeks later, and hers was a few days earlier).

weekiwachee This is at Weeki-Wachee, for a boat ride, a walk through Tranquility Walk, the live Mermaid Show, and at the water park that's also there.

tarponsprings This is at Tarpon Springs, where the Greek sponge docks are (I found it more intersting than it sounds).

Back up North

Wildwood This movie is after we returned from Florida with my sister and the boys from Florida. This is of the shore at Wildwood, New Jersey: both the beach and the rides on the boardwalk which we went to all in one day.

helicopter This is at the Helicopter Museum in West Chester, PA, with all the kids.

tree Climbing up in a tree behind our backyard at home.

baptism The Baptism of Micah (2½ years old) at the godparents' parish in New Jersey, and the party afterwards.

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