Nebraska March 2003: The Lakes


This is the entrance to the Yankee Hill Wildlife Management Area (a big park surrounding a lake).

Yankee Hill Lake

This is the lake. It was disappointing because the water level was so low.
Some of these pictures have a pink color in them; I don't know where it came from and it shouldn't be there.

Yankee Hill Lake 2

This is another view of the lake. The black area in front of the water is where the water should be up to.

Yankee Hill path 2

This is the path from the lake back to the street.

Yankee Hill trees

I wandered off the path, back into a field toward the trees. It looked like there might have been a path through the field -- but I soon found out it wasn't really a path.

That's the end of the pictures from my walk to Yankee Hill Lake.
Now here are the pictures from my walk to Conestoga Lake, in the opposite direction!

To Conestoga Lake

This is a picture on the way to Conestoga Lake (while I was still in civilization).

To Conestoga Lake 2

Here is where the way to Conestoga Lake leaves civilization for the wide open spaces.

To Conestoga Lake 3

This road goes on like this for about a mile or so. (It isn't really this pink.)

To Conestoga Lake 3

The Hills of Nebraska. Most of the way, the road is very, very hilly, like this.


This is where the street ends and the paths to the lake and campgrounds start.

Lake from the path

This is the view of the lake through the trees along the path. The first time I walked here, this was nothing but deep mud, but it wasn't so bad this time.

Conestoga Lake

Conestoga Lake. This doesn't look much like Nebraska to me.

Conestoga Lake 2

Another view of the lake.

Conestoga Lake 3

Another view of the lake.

Nature trail

This is one of the nature trails around Conestoga Lake. This was as far into it as I went.

Wildlife Management Area

This is the beginning of the Wildlife Management Area that I walked all the was through with a couple of the guys a few weeks earlier.

Wildlife Management Area 2

This is inside that area. I walked all the way back to the trees through the weeds, but it's only two rows of trees with nothing else behind them.

Wildlife Management Area 3

This is what the path through the Wildlife Management Area looks like. It is very long.


When I got back, I kept on walking past Denton. This is a cute little 'waterfall' seen off the side of a bridge on the street.


This is the creek between the water in the previous picture and Haines Branch, which runs under W. Denton Road. I don't know what the name of it is -- yet.

Haines Branch

Here's what Haines Branch looks like these days, from the bridge on W. Denton Road.


And we finish off with the view of the Lincoln skyline.

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