Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Resource Center Pictures

This is the church in Pottstown where the Resource Center started. The building to the right of the church is where the Resource Center was.


This is a picture while all the kids were involved in an art project. I think it was for making Valentines.


This was around Christmas time. One of the L.P.H. kids is playing my keyboard, while the other kids are gathered around singing Christmas carols.


This is another Christmas-time picture. One of our art projects was making ornaments. It used to be a family activity in my family, years ago. The ornaments are made from a styrofoam ball, which is covered with sequins and beads, attached with straight pins.


This was a science project: How a remote control works. One of the kids (the girl on the left in this picture) pretends to be a robot. The "remote control" is a flashlight and a picture of remote control buttons.

[remote control]

This science project is a bull's-eye game, that demonstrates the angles at which light is reflected off a mirror.


Here we were doing the Hebrew alphabet. You can see "Mary" and "Daniel" and "Joseph" written on the blackboard in Hebrew


This is another dance picture, with the kids and even some parents. (There's more about folk dancing in the CDSS article I wrote.)


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