Thumbnails to higher-quality pictures from my Student Teaching in London. If you're using Internet Explorer, try shift-clicking on the pictures to open up each one in its own window.
Kent House from across Green Lanes across Green Lane from room26 window Lobby of Kent House Cecil Sharp House Cecil Sharp House Aunt Thelmas Candlelight Orchestra Cecil Sharp House dancing Hever Lord Mayor Show gold carriage Lord Mayors Show stilts Lord mayors Show redcoats Lord Mayor of London Lord Mayors Show ship Lord Mayors Show the Banks Lord Mayors Show Lord Mayors Show horses Lord Mayors Show band Lord Mayors Show horseback Memorial to the freeing of slaves near Embankment on the way Paternoster Fayre old fashioned farings Carousel at Paternoster Fayre Morris dancers at Paternoster Fayre Morris dancers at Paternoster Fayre at StPauls Regent Street at Hamleys Trafalgar Square from National Gallery steps Trafalgar Square Victoria Place Westminster Cathedral Maiden Lane at Corpus Christi Church Corpus Christi Church prayers at the foot of the altar end of the day at StJohns Front of St Johns Conewood St STJohns small building with classes 6-7 hall kitchen StJohns outside Fixing Natalies ribbon for Dorothy costume during dinner play kids playing in the schoolyard Little playground Ishan on steps Little playground Jennifer Olivia Emma Sally and Matthew and Niels in front Michelle and Joanna in the playground older childrens playground On the bench Rula ringing the bell Salah snowy morning StJohns Playground Olivia Charlene and Selena from Class7 and Emma from Class6 with kids in schoolyard Snowy playground Ishan Charlene Selwa and Olivia school playground Hazel and class1 on snowy icy playground Gillespie Park with Lindsay Esther Nina Huseyin Gillespie Park fence dumping from aquarium in Gillespie Park infants dinner staff room student teachers party Staff room Staff Room us at student teachers party with the Supervisor Class2 swimming Class2 hearing Nicole read picture taken by Jamie Class2 hearing Michelle read picture taken by Salah Class2 looking at pictures with Priya and Joanne waving Class2 looking at pictures Class2 looking at pictures with the teacher Drawing Winter pictures Andrew Nicholas and Eloisa Drawing Winter pictures Leyla Paloma and Shelley drawing winter pictures David and John Class2 working on the unit clay globe on yellow table with Lindsay and Nina Class2 practicing Samson in the school hall Class2 playing games before the evening performance of the Samson play Samson Play Katies solo Samson Cut Your Hair Samson Play Messenger from God (Esther) visits Samsons parents Samson Play credits Samson Play When Miss Delilah goes a-walkin in the morning air Samson Play Everybody Come to the Philistine Party Samson Play evening performance Samson pulling down pillars during Philistine party Samson Play Jamie Samson was a hero in the days of old credits-big Class6 Class6 hearing Christopher read picture taken by Hayley Class6 hearing Natalie read picture taken by Hayley Class6 making Christmas decorations Class6 tape-recording Ding Dong the Witch is Dead hearing Christopher reading Class7 Diary writing Class7 diaries dictionaries Class7 Publication list Class7 hand pictures Heather replacing Pauline News Sally showing her bunny Wizard of Oz makeup and costumes Wizard of Oz makeup and costumes with Dorothy Wizard of Oz Play crows and trees Wizard of Oz Play ending Follow the Yellow Brick Road Wizard of Oz Play Munchkinland Ding Dong the Witch is Dead Wizard of Oz Play Poppy Field and Mice Wizard of Oz Play Dorothy and friends Wizard of Oz Play asking the wizard for things Wizard of Oz Play flying monkeys Front door and hallway with decotrations and Headmistress Corpus Christi Church Father Henry Dodd Big Ben