Tape recordings from the school in London.

(You have to the whole story first, to appreciate the audio files!)

(RealAudio format)

From one of the morning assemblies, this is the school singing the Christmas carol,
"The Calypso Carol".

From the Wizard of Oz play: part of "Somewhere over the Rainbow"
and some dialog from Dorothy (Natalie)

Hurry up Dorothy, here comes the storm;
Get down in the cellar where it's safe and warm.

I can't go yet, I can't go yet,
I've got to find Toto, my very special pet.

From the Samson play: an excerpt from Katie's song.

From the tape: this is half of Class 2 singing 'Found a Peanut' (edited).

Jamie sings his rap song.

David and Jessica critique some of the school's lunchtime menu selections.

From Class 6, Jennifer and Phillippe tell some jokes.

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