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Here there are Catholic Religious things (including my collection of prayers in Latin and many other languages, and an audio file of a Kindergarten class praying in Latin).
Information here about the Traditional Latin Mass.
How to read Gregorian Chant Notation
Meditation (according to an FSSP retreat)
Tridentine Mass in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia (Plymouth Township, near Plymouth Meeting)
Polyphony & Chants at St. Francis church in Norristown, the previous location (On January 9, 2005, the Mass that was at 1:15 PM at St. Francis in Norristown moved to 11:30 AM at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church).
The Prayers of the Rosary in Latin (with their pronunciation)
Responses & actions for Altar Boys at the extraordinary rite.
Chant choir at Our Lady of Mount Carmel

I have things here from the time when I was teaching a group of homeschoolers, at the L.P.H. Resource Center in 1992.

There are on-line courses I teach over the internet for homeschoolers, that originated from those classes.

I also do private tutoring for children in the area
(Chester, Delaware, southern Montgomery Counties), mainly reading & math.

I have an educational English grammar card game that I developed while tutoring a 10-year-old boy in grammar last spring, making a game out of learning the parts of speech.

I also have made an educational Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics card game for learning about Hieroglyphics.

One of my hobbies is making Miniatures. Here are pictures of some of the things I've made.

My mother died in June 2001, and I have set up a little Memorial web page for her.

My great-grandmother Gertrude Benzenhofer used to sing lots of songs with her family years ago.
I made a tape recording of some of those Old Songs in 1984, and I have digitized those songs to put them on the web.

In the course of getting my degree and certification in Elementary Education at West Chester University (West Chester, Pennsylvania), I did half my student teaching in London. This is my tale of my experiences there.

In 2002-2003, I was in the FSSP seminary in Denton, for a year. I don't have any stories about it here, but there are a couple sets of pictures from around the seminary: the seminary itself, Denton, and some Lakes around there.

In 1983, I was in a seminary in Rome, Italy for a year. Here I have some stories about those days, my travels around Europe, with pictures and even some audio files.

Some "slide shows" of vacations in Florida, where my sister lives.

There is a little art gallery here, with colored scans of photographs of some of my oil paintings and drawings.
Some PC-produced picture I did on the Packard Bell 486.
Some pictures I made while I was living in Nebraska.
Pictures I did on my old Commodore computers.
3-D Animated Movies.

Here are some original stories (I mainly write stories for children). Some with Illustrations

After several years of working with children labeled "hyperactive" or with "Attention Deficit Disorder" (ADD/ADHD), and having studied philosophy, I combined my philosophy studies with my actual observations, and thought of a different explanation for why children like that appear different, having to do with the nature of Time.

I have a Commodore-128D computer. Here I have some Commodore-related things. I had been using a Commodore since 1984, and started this web site from a Commodore computer using a shell account to the internet.
In July of 1995 I upgraded to PC, a Packard Bell 486 DX2 66 Multimedia Computer.
Then in August 1999 I went to a Packard Bell Multimedia 882 MII 333 MMX 32 RAM 4.3 HD with Windows 98.
Then in February 2004 I got a custom-built clone on eBay with XP SP2 Home edition, an AMD Athlon 2GHz CPU, 1 GB memory, 2 hard drives installed (one of them is removable; I have 3 hard drives I can put in, one with Linux).
My current computer (since March 2011) is a PowerSpec computer from my local MicroCenter store, with a 3 GHz Pentium dual-core and 2 GB of memory. It came with both Windows 7 and XP, but I have to use XP because my Hauppauge video digitizer won't work with 64-bit Win7 and I use that device a lot. The best thing about PowerSpec is that it comes with almost no pre-installed junk and it comes with authentic Windows disks!

This is a little WINDOWS 3.1 game I wrote called "GREENS.ZIP". It's based on a little hand-held game I had a long time ago. You have to press the colors to turn them all green. Try it! It's 66.3 K compressed (171 K unzipped). I wrote it using Borland Turbo C++ 4.5.

There is also a more recent version of the program, greatly improved, by the same name. It is also in Zip format, but much larger. It was written with Visual Basic. It is also called GREENS.ZIP

Here are some music related things, including tablature for some guitar songs I've written and Gregorian Chants, and a WAV file of me playing the harp, and playing an original composition on the Lute.

I have many videos on YouTube, where my user name is RickK1.

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My scifi book: The Man Under the HillThe Man Under the Hill

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